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hello every one.
i am s software developer
i am going to Integrate the Cobas Machines with my software.i am successful to get test result from machine. now i am going to make fully automatic my software. how to send data from my computer to machine. any one have idea??
or any one already worked on this then please help me according to my problem

What I have tried:

successfully getting result on my system from
Cobas 311,411,6000,121
now i want to send data from host to machines
Updated 18-Apr-21 21:51pm

1 solution

The best path is to check with Cobas. They make the equipment and they should provide you with support.
Member 12799353 21-Jan-17 4:54am
i contact with cobas Manufactures . they said that there are no SDK for communication. When machine Read Bar code it will Send you ENQ . and Host Will Send to Machine ACK . when this Operation is Success Full then Connection Will be Built for Communication or synchronization .We are Sending ACk to machine but against this ACk Machine not Responding ... have any Idea ??
AnvilRanger 21-Jan-17 19:07pm
You don't necessarily need an SDK. Most likely the machine uses serial combinations to send and receive data. For that look at the System.IO.Ports class from the framework. There are also ton of examples of this you can find using Google. However you will need documentation about what what the equipment is sending and what data it is expecting to receive.
Jaza Abdullah 21-Jul-20 3:50am
Dear brother Member 12799353, I have the same task, can you help me with that, Thanks.
[no name] 27-Jun-17 6:52am
Hi, I have a problem in the communication Host to Analizer whit cobas (core + cobas c-501 and cobas 6000) in the test selection inquiry, when we send inquiry more than one test
-the alarm received: abnormal text from host
-application code is out of range
What could be the problem?
Thanks in advance
The information World ! 7-Sep-20 2:02am
can u please share me the code if you are successful in sending a message to the analyzer
[no name] 27-Jun-17 7:01am
Roche/Hitachi cobas 6000(core + c 501 and e 601) analyzer

Analyzer to Host

ANALYZER 2017-06-23 18:40:43,827 ENQ

HOST 2017-06-23 18:40:43,827 ACK

ANALYZER 2017-06-23 18:40:43,956 '\x021H|\\^&|||c501^1|||||host|TSREQ^REAL|P|1\rQ|1|^^ 051703938^0^00052^1^^S2^SC^R1||ALL||||||||O\rL|1|N\r\x0320\r\n'

HOST 2017-06-23 18:40:43,964 ACK

ANALYZER 2017-06-23 18:40:49,065 EOT

TS / Realtime / Barcode - YES / Host to Analyzer

HOST 2017-06-23 18:40:49,081 ENQ

ANALYZER 2017-06-23 18:40:49,087 ACK

HOST 2017-06-23 18:40:49,087 '\x021H|\\^&|||host|||||c501^1|TSDWN^BATCH|P|1\rP|1|||||||||||||\rO|1|051703938|0^00052^1^^S2^SC|^^^417\\^^^708\\^^^691|R||20170623184049||||A||||2||||||||||O\rL|1|N\r\x0300\r\n'

ANALYZER 2017-06-23 18:40:49,302 ACK

HOST 2017-06-23 18:40:49,302 EOT

with TSDWN^BATCH or TSDWN^REPLY its same error message:

126-0024 Error comunication whit the host.

(Host Communication Error)340-0032 Error de recepcion de texto desde el host. (Host Receiving TextError. Action Code & Value is not effective value. Please check Action Code & Value.)

Whats wrong with the message? Please help, thanks in advance!
Ân Pharm 20-Apr-21 4:14am
Hi carinav. You suscess for communicaotin Mechine?
Ân Pharm 20-Apr-21 4:12am
I have problem the same.
Mechine Ask host: 1H|\^&|||cobas-e411^1|||||host|TSREQ^REAL|P|1

Host rely to mechine: string mayhoi = richTextBox2.Text;
string traloi = mayhoi.Contains("TSREQ^REAL").ToString().ToLower();
string[] catchuoi = mayhoi.Replace(" ", "").Split(new string[] { "Q|1|^^" }, StringSplitOptions.None);
string[] chuoi1 = catchuoi[1].Split(new string[] { "^" }, StringSplitOptions.None);
int macode = int.Parse(chuoi1[0]);
int SNo = int.Parse(chuoi1[1]);
string Rackno = chuoi1[2];
// int Rackno = 00009;
int Position = int.Parse(chuoi1[3]);
if (traloi == "true")
string chuoi = @"\x021H|\^&|||host^1|||||cobas-e411|TSDWN^REPLY|P|1\rP|1\rO|1|" + macode + "|" + SNo + "^" + Rackno + "^" + Position + "^^S1^SC|^^^1020^|R||||||A||||1||||||||||O\rL|1|N\r";
It not run. Thanks all from read and help me.

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