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Hi i have a txt file and i want to use php to make some changes

var="Test need to change"

I want to find string Test and change the rest of sentence

when finish it sould be
var="Test changed text".

What I have tried:

Replace string in file using PHP and preg_replace function
Updated 26-Jan-17 2:16am
Patrice T 26-Jan-17 6:51am    
Did you try something ?
What is the question ?
kdaras 26-Jan-17 7:10am    
I have try preg_replace('/(pattern)X*/', $_POST['name'], $file_contents) but
this is the opposite of what i'm asking

You need to use a back reference to include the matched string in the result:
$string = 'Test need to change';
$pattern = '/(Test).*/';
$insert = 'changed text';
$replacement = "$1 $insert";
echo preg_replace($pattern, $replacement, $string);
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kdaras 26-Jan-17 7:09am    
I have seen PHP: str_replace - Manual[^] but i didn't find an example of what i'm asking
Richard MacCutchan 26-Jan-17 7:35am    
Try using substr or substr_replace. It is not clear where your problem lies in doing what is a very simple replacement.
kdaras 26-Jan-17 7:45am    
in the sentence "Test some kind o text " i want to find string Test
and change the rest of sentence leaving Test string as it is.
Richard MacCutchan 26-Jan-17 7:53am    
There is an example of a similar replacement method on the preg_replace manual page.
OK i find the solution thanks for help
preg_replace('/(pattern)X*.*/', $_POST['name'], $file_contents) but
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