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How can I complete this classification program. I would like to add element to corressponding array list.
public class Classification<T> {
    private ArrayList<T>integer = new ArrayList<T>();
    private ArrayList<T>Double = new ArrayList<T>();
    private ArrayList<T>string = new ArrayList<T>();
    private ArrayList<T>character = new ArrayList<T>();
    public void add(T t){
        if (t.toString()==t){

What I have tried:

I try to use
if ((double)t == t){

However, it gives me an error message which is operator == cannot be applied to T
Updated 2-Feb-17 20:51pm

1 solution

public class Classification<t> {
Since your class should classify passed data, it makes no sense making it dependent upon a generic parameter.

private ArrayList<t>integer = new ArrayList<t>();
private ArrayList<t>Double = new ArrayList<t>();
private ArrayList<t>string = new ArrayList<t>();
private ArrayList<t>character = new ArrayList<t>();

Why are you creating generic ArrayList when you know in advance they will hold just one type. For instance, why don't you use
private ArrayList<Integer>integer = new ArrayList<Integer>();

I would like to add element to corressponding array list.
Just write the corrensponding overloaded add method, e.g.
public void add(Integer t)
  // add to 'integer' ArrayList
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