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I wanted to write my own code to develop an Idea for a new security program, what language should use? Im a hardware engineer, not software, so have only basic code skills for a beginner...

What I have tried:

nothing yet, because I dont want to share my idea yet
Updated 6-Feb-17 21:02pm
[no name] 7-Feb-17 3:25am    
What kind of hardware engineer are you? Every hardware engineer I've ever worked with over 30+ years would have known enough to have a good stab at the answer to this question or at least ask a better question. Do you work with digital or analogue devices? This is a serious question as you have not given us a clue to what environment this security device runs in which most engineers would know is essential information.

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As usual, it depends.

The choice of language would depend on the target environment (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.), and on the requirements.

If you are writing a low-level driver, C is probably the best (and sometimes - the only) choice.
If your application requires a GUI, you might consider writing the graphical part in C# (on Windows), Java (on Android), etc., and writing the low-level part in C or C++.
If it requires a Web interface, you will probably need to learn HTML, javascript, or other Web languages.

Good luck!
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[no name] 7-Feb-17 3:46am    
Sir, can we write the GUI part in C# and the working functionality in C or C++? I dont know that is why I am asking could you explain this. Thank you
Richard MacCutchan 7-Feb-17 3:49am    
Are you the same person that posted this question? If so please delete the duplicate account.
[no name] 7-Feb-17 3:55am    
No, sir I am not blocked from this site. I can post questions and I have only one account with country(India). Thank you
Daniel Pfeffer 7-Feb-17 3:51am    

Yes, you could. The C or C++ part should be written as a DLL, and you could then call it from a C# program.

A quick Google of "Calling a C++ DLL from C#" should give you plenty of information on how to do this.

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