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I worked on in VS 2010.
when I execute the project inside the visual stdio, the page is displayed in the browser but on localhost several error messaged appear.

some of errors are
error 401.3
and many other.

the problem is in the web application because I try on several computers and the same errors occur.

What I have tried:

I tried to change the version of .net framework.
I tried to change the ports number of site in IIS.
I tried to display any web page on localhost. All htm pages are displayed except the pages of web application.
Updated 19-Feb-17 18:07pm

1 solution

Do you know what these error codes mean?

httpstatuses[^] if you click on the error codes on this website, it gives you more detailed information.
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Member 11768130 20-Feb-17 5:12am    
thanks for your reply.
yes, I read the meaning of the errors but I cannot solve the problem.
It ask me to check the authority in web.config file.
How can I debug these errors.
Graeme_Grant 20-Feb-17 5:18am    
To check if your local hosting to working correctly, create a default project and run. If that works, then the problem will be with your code and the real fun of debugging begins.
Member 11768130 20-Feb-17 5:33am    
I tried to make a new application. the application works if I select the the .net frame work version to be 4 or 4.5.
but how can I make the already exist and run inside the visual stdio and not work in IIS?
Graeme_Grant 20-Feb-17 5:39am    
" can I make the already exist and run inside the visual studio and not work in IIS?"

What is "the already exist"?
Member 11768130 20-Feb-17 7:27am    
I mean that the whole web application which I worked on has executed correctly when I run the project using the run project inside the visual studio.
But this project does not open in localhost using the sites added within IIS due to errors I mentioned before.
I think that .net framework version 4 or above only work properly. but how about my project which it work on version 3.5 framework?

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