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When read qr using barcode scanner for more than one it append the same textbox4 .

i need to clear data after every scanning done .


I using usb scanner reader qr code with type metro logic working as keyboard

and using USB

i read data in textbox4 key down success

but problem if i read data for new qr code

it append in same text box

so that what i do to clear the data recieved before and prevent append to old

my code

private void textBox4_KeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)

                string[] lines = textBox4.Text.Split(new string[] { Environment.NewLine }, StringSplitOptions.None);

            if (lines.Length > 4)
                textBox1.Text = lines[1].Substring(lines[1].IndexOf(":") + 1);
                textBox2.Text = lines[2].Substring(lines[2].IndexOf(":") + 1);
                textBox3.Text = lines[3].Substring(lines[3].IndexOf(":") + 1);
                textBox5.Text = lines[4].Substring(lines[4].IndexOf(":") + 1);

textbox4 read data from reader device then split them to textboxes

What I have tried:

How to clear data readed by scanner from textbox to recieve another one?
Updated 20-Feb-17 12:41pm

1 solution

In general, there are two ways to clear a textbox - using your case


textBox4.Text = string.Empty;

this issue is I'm not sure of your logic/program flow, and thence 'where' to do this in your code

[edit] I guess you do it before this/the new read "
but problem if i read data for new qr code
happens, but you havnt shown much 'code' so I dont know where that is in your program [/edit]
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