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I´m developing a MVC app just for learning purposes.
I added a new View in the /Views/Home directory, and I tried to access it from the Index View, but when I do it, get the error HTTP 404.

here´s the tag: href="~/Views/Home/NewPage" title="Página de Prueba">TestPage/a>

is it posible to do so ?. (add references between pages in the Home directory

I´m working with Visual Studio 2010 C#

What I have tried:

Just to check the functionality, I added another page, in the root directory of my app, and added another tag, (In the Index View) to see if it works, and it did.

My tag: href="../../ViewPage1.aspx" title="esta es otra página">Esta es otra página>
Updated 24-Feb-17 8:05am

1 solution

In MVC, you don't link to views; you link to actions.

Assuming you have a NewPage action on your HomeController:
public ActionResult NewPage()
    return View();
you can use the Url.Action helper to link to it:
<a href='@Url.Action("NewPage", "Home")' title="Página de Prueba">TestPage</a>
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Miguel Altamirano Morales 24-Feb-17 14:36pm    
Thanks for your answer Richard, I DO have an ActionResult "NewPage" in my Home Controller.
I copied the code of the url.Action you sent me and I get the error "Invalid characters in the route path"
Now, if you see my question, I have another href tag to an aspx page that resides in my root directory, and I DON´T have an action in homecontroller, but it works fine !!!
Richard Deeming 26-Feb-17 11:12am    
The link that's working is linking to a WebForms page. WebForms pre-dates routing, so by default, you link directly to the page.

With MVC, you can only link to an action, not a view.

If you're getting an error, double-check your RouteConfig class, and the generated URL.
Miguel Altamirano Morales 26-Feb-17 22:33pm    
Thanks again, Richard. I noticed that the generated URL is :


So, Im´m thinking that maybe the '%22' characters (they´re supposed to be quotes) are the ones causing the error. This address is exactly how it is showed in the navigator. I´m going to try to replace those characters using their ascii codes in a string, or, there is a reason why my app is doin this ?, some kind of configuration or something ?.

Please excuse me if I sound too naive. This is my first MVC app. I´m very aware I have to go deeper in studying this. I don´t know how to do even what you are telling men.
Richard Deeming 27-Feb-17 5:33am    
That's odd. Are you definitely generating the link in an MVC view, or is it a WebForm?
Miguel Altamirano Morales 27-Feb-17 12:28pm    
The two '<a' tags are located in the Index.aspx page in the Views/Home Folder. One of them points to an aspx page in the root directory of the app (href="../../ViewPage1.aspx") and it Works fine.

The other tries to navigate to an aspx page in the same Views/Home directory and it fails. Originally said that the resource is not found ((~/Views/Home</TestPage.aspx) and with the @url.Action helper it generates invalid characters. Yes, it´s a link between views.

I´m going to go deeper in my studies of the subject and see if I can solve this while I´m learning more. Sometimes that happens.

Thank you very much Richard !!

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