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I need to write a C++ program that calculates the monthly balance of a debt.

It should kinda look like this:

Starting balance: 1000
Interest rate (APR): 8
Monthly payment: 100

Month Payment Interest Balance
1 100.00 6.67 906.67
2 100.00 6.04 812.71
3 100.00 5.42 718.13
4 100.00 4.79 622.92
5 100.00 4.15 527.07
6 100.00 3.51 430.58
7 100.00 2.87 333.45
8 100.00 2.22 235.68
9 100.00 1.57 137.25
10 100.00 0.91 38.16
11 38.42 0.25 0.00

Total amount paid: 1038.42

What I have tried:

I need help starting it and writing it
Updated 24-Feb-17 18:30pm
[no name] 24-Feb-17 23:12pm
Here's your start
int main()
// fill in the rest of your code here

In addition to the previous comments, I offer this...

Break the problem down into 'bite size pieces'.

You need, for example

a) code/a routine to get

Starting balance: 1000
Interest rate (APR): 8
Monthly payment: 100

from the user - what do you know that can do this ?

in the most basic method, you

cout << "some message for the user, maybe, type a number and press enter"
int someVarCalledI = 0;
cin >> someVarCalledI;

but if you're going to do that 3 times you may as well write a function to take the 'message for the user' and return a value (be careful what numeric type you are using here)

b) You need code to calculate the monthly balance for month n

c) You need code to output the results of the monthly balance

d) possibly some sort of loop to combine b & c
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An interesting link to get you started on a new project: Systems development life cycle - Wikipedia[^]

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