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I want to upload file using MVC with angularJS.
But HttpPostedFileBase file in MVC controller shows null.but javascript contains value of File.

Please Help.

What I have tried:

<input type="file" onchange="angular.element(this).scope().setFile(this)" />

Javascript AngularJS:
Javascript Code:
$scope.setFile = function (element) {
$scope.$apply(function ($scope) {
$scope.theFile = element.files[0];

urlCollectionService.saveInterventionExpenseDetails( $scope.theFile).then(function (data) {}

In urlCollectionService.js
this.saveInterventionExpenseDetails = function ( File) {

return serviceHandler.postService(domain + "/EnterData/SaveInterventionExpenseDetails", File);
In UrlcollectionService:
File contains All file values like: modified date, name, size etc...

In MVC Contoller:
public JsonResult SaveInterventionExpenseDetails(HttpPostedFileBase file )

In MVC controller "file" contains Null.
Updated 2-Mar-17 2:00am
Nathan Minier 2-Mar-17 9:42am    
Are you wrapping your files in a JavaScript FormData object before sending them?
Member 11449483 3-Mar-17 0:09am    
This is only a single file in a time.

And all the code scenario is define below so please help me ...
Nathan Minier 3-Mar-17 6:58am    
That doesn't matter. If you're not wrapping it in FormData before you post it, HttpPostedFileBase won't be available.
Member 11449483 3-Mar-17 7:12am    
Please give me some hints or code so that i can go ahead.

Thanks for reply.
Nathan Minier 3-Mar-17 7:19am    
this.saveInterventionExpenseDetails = function (File) {
var formData = new FormData(); //should be available in an html5 compliant context
formData.append('file0', File,;

return serviceHandler.postService(domain + "/EnterData/SaveInterventionExpenseDetails", formData);

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