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I am new to WCF Rest. I want to read from a JSON object and assign key values to class variables.
Below I want to pass one JSON object inputJSonString to method writeFlatFile. It has three key values, I want those assigned to three variables of LogContact class.
I want those to use inside RestService.svc.

Input Json Object

{"key1":"value1", "key2":"value2", "key3":"value3"};

What I have tried:


namespace RestService
	[WebInvoke( Method="POST", UriTemplate="/writeFlatFile/{inputJSonString}", RequestFormat = WebMessageFormat.Json,
            ResponseFormat = WebMessageFormat.Json,
            BodyStyle = WebMessageBodyStyle.Bare)]
	bool SaveLog(LogDetail inputJSonString);
public class LogDetail
    public int Log1 { get; set; }

    public string Log2 { get; set; }

    public string Log3 { get; set; }


	bool SaveLog(LogDetail inputJSonString)
		//my program;

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