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I'm currently converting a reasonably complex excel spreadsheet calculation tool to UWP.

From my online research there is no 'grid' in the traditional sense under UWP, unless you use a third party tool like Syncfusion.

I currently have several Grids (5 rows x 49 columns), however as XAML Binding doesn't map to Dictionaries well, I've had to create a property per 'cell' to bind (245 properties per grid), not to mention all of the OnPropertyChanged calls.

I've done one grid and it works fine - however I've got another 4 to implement, then another 5 (14 x 49) data entry grids.

This seems like a LOT of effort, so I can't help but think I've missed something and that there must be an easier way.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

What I have tried:

Sledge hammer approach - property & textbox grid per cell. I've unsuccessfully tried using a Collection and Converter.
Updated 6-Mar-17 15:59pm
johannesnestler 7-Mar-17 9:57am    
have you questioned why there is no "DataGrid" in UWP Standard controls? Because I had the same "problem" I thought a little about it... my conclusion: Because it is really difficult to provide a Control with (from user perspective) expected behaviour on all supported platforms (just try it with minimal resolution on a phone...). I ended with a simple listbox and a DataTemplate for one row (per visualstate), and a Header Control to set sort direction... Maybe I try the telerik lib recommendet by Graeme_Grant - the others I tried, didn't meet my expectations... just my 2c
Rodimus74 8-Mar-17 19:12pm    
Thank you, yes I did question the UI. But the simple fact is, the data is row/column data - so a excel like component is the most appropriate.

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