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is our normal visual studio .net c# website is also accessible from mobile phones?

if no than what we can do to make our website also accessible from mobile phones?

1 solution

Well, that totally depends on your mobile phone!

Most modern mobile phones (or smart phones) will have web browser capability.

The problem is in how the phone displays the website, given its restricted hardware, e.g. screen size, processing capability etc.

It is common for websites that are specifically targeting the mobile market to have a version of the site tailored to small displays etc. You then use the browser request header to identify when it is coming from a mobile and redirect to the tailored version.

Have a look at these mobility guidelines;[^]

Search google, there are plenty other resources, including scripts for handling the redirects and identifying known mobile browser platforms.

If your phone does not have access to the web or browser capability, then there is nothing you can do to make it work......
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patelKhyati 12-Oct-10 7:40am    
so i guess i have 2 use Mobile Web Forms in Visual Studio to create another version of my website that support mobile devices.

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