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i am trying to implement custom datagridview header but it is not working properly.
it is not drawing on grid

Please help

What I have tried:

my custom header class

public class ImageTextHeaderCell : DataGridViewColumnHeaderCell
        public readonly Label lblText;
        public readonly PictureBox CntrImage;

        public event EventHandler ImageClick;

        public ImageTextHeaderCell()
            lblText = new Label();
            CntrImage = new PictureBox();
            lblText.Font = Control.DefaultFont;


            //lblText.MouseClick += new MouseEventHandler(MouseClick);
            CntrImage.MouseClick += new MouseEventHandler(MouseClick);

        private void MouseClick(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
            //Debug.WriteLine("x:{0}, y:{1}, button:{2}", e.X, e.Y, e.Button);
            //OnClick(new DataGridViewCellEventArgs(ColumnIndex, RowIndex));
            if (ImageClick != null)
                ImageClick(this, EventArgs.Empty);


        public string Text
            get { return lblText.Text; }
            set { lblText.Text = value; }

        public Image ControlImage
            get { return CntrImage.Image; }
            set { CntrImage.Image = value; }

        protected override void Paint(Graphics graphics, Rectangle clipBounds, Rectangle cellBounds, int rowIndex, DataGridViewElementStates dataGridViewElementState, object value, object formattedValue, string errorText, DataGridViewCellStyle cellStyle, DataGridViewAdvancedBorderStyle advancedBorderStyle, DataGridViewPaintParts paintParts)
            base.Paint(graphics, clipBounds, cellBounds, rowIndex, dataGridViewElementState, value, formattedValue, errorText, cellStyle, advancedBorderStyle, paintParts);

            lblText.Location = new Point(cellBounds.Left, cellBounds.Top + 3);
            lblText.Height = cellBounds.Height;
            lblText.Width = cellBounds.Width - 41;

            CntrImage.Location = new Point(lblText.Right + 1, cellBounds.Top + 3);
            lblText.Height = cellBounds.Height;


and my code on form

DataGridViewTextBoxColumn dataGridViewTextBoxColumn = new DataGridViewTextBoxColumn();
            dataGridViewTextBoxColumn.DefaultHeaderCellType = typeof(ImageTextHeaderCell);
            //dataGridViewTextBoxColumn.HeaderText = "Password";
            ImageTextHeaderCell dataGridViewImageColumnHeaderCell = dataGridViewTextBoxColumn.HeaderCell as ImageTextHeaderCell;
            dataGridViewImageColumnHeaderCell.Text = "hello";
            dataGridViewImageColumnHeaderCell.ControlImage = global::WFAppGrid.Properties.Resources.Star;
            dataGridViewImageColumnHeaderCell.ImageClick += dataGridViewImageColumnHeaderCell_ImageClick;
RickZeeland 7-Mar-17 14:11pm
Maybe using an ImageList could help:

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