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Ok, before starting to post links from stackoverflow, please first let me explain. I have a script(written in python ofcourse), on which i start a new method(as a new thread) from another script file(.py). Now, what i want is these two scripts(or these two threads) to share one common variable. Is this possible ?

What I have tried:

I tried using queue found here: python - How to share a variable between 2 threads - Stack Overflow[^]
Updated 14-Mar-17 22:22pm
Garth J Lancaster 14-Mar-17 20:46pm    
maybe you'd like to share your code and indicate what the issue is with it (you've said what youve tried but not whats happening/not happening)

- the 'queue' method seems like a good initial approach to me, assuming your thread is possibly producing the (data) and the mainline code is the consumer

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1 solution

The answer suggested in the StackOverflow post is exactly what you need.
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