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Hello, I'm new in this forum.

I have a simple windows application where I want to run a batch file.
I use this code:


But the code only executes the first line of the batch file.

Do you have any ideas why?

PS: I'm Italian, sorry for my terrible English :doh:
Updated 12-Oct-10 22:42pm
Dalek Dave 13-Oct-10 4:43am    
Minor Edit for Grammar, and your English is fine, better than my Italian, Molto Bene.

The problem is in your bat file. If you showed it maybe we could help
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this is my batch
If not exist %~f1.\tmp.BAK (Echo files not found in %~f1 & GoTo :EOF)
SET mese=%DATE:~3,2%
SET giorno=%DATE:~0,2%
SET anno=%DATE:~-4%
SET ora=%TIME:~0,2%
SET min=%TIME:~3,2%
SET sec=%TIME:~6,2%
Ren "%~f1.\tmp.BAK" "%anno%%mese%%giorno%%ora%%min%%sec%.bak"

if i run this bath from windows there aren't problem then i run from code runnig only first line

i don't think that my problem is in the batch file.
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