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I have a folder of text files that I want to copy to another folder. Straight forward vb copy. When I step through the code, no problem, they copy.

When I run the exe, only copies 1 file.

Has anyone came across this problem. The version of vb is visual studio 2013. I would ask if there is another way to copy but I have tried and get the same problem.

Must be something I am doing wrong.


What I have tried:

Dim sSourceDir As String = "C:\Source\"
        Dim sTargetDir As String = "C:\Target\"        
Dim sTextList As String() = Directory.GetFiles(sSourceDir, "*.txt")

        'copy text files
        For Each f As String In sTextList
            'Remove path from the file name.
            Dim fName As String = f.Substring(sSourceDir.Length)

            ' Use the Path.Combine method to safely append the file name to the path.
            ' Will overwrite if the destination file already exists.
            File.Copy(Path.Combine(sSourceDir, fName), Path.Combine(sTargetDir, fName), True)

            '    'Make sure the file is copied, 10 second delay.
Updated 17-Mar-17 19:54pm
[no name] 17-Mar-17 12:43pm    
Nothing is jumping out at me but I would be suspicious of "f.Substring(sSourceDir.Length)"
Richard MacCutchan 17-Mar-17 12:46pm    
You should display some information about progress so you can see exactly what is happening. It's impossible to guess from here.
Richard Deeming 17-Mar-17 13:01pm    
Replace f.Substring(...) with Path.GetFileName(f), just in case.

And there's no need for the Thread.Sleep call - File.Copy doesn't return until the copy has completed.

1 solution

I have a function in C# to copy files from one directory to other directory.
May be it can help you.

public List<string> CopyFiles(string sourceDirectory, string destinationDirectory)
           List<string> CopiedFiles = new List<string>();

           //Get the files from source directory to copy them on new location
           string[] sourceFiles = GetFilesInDirectory(sourceDirectory);

           //Make sure the destination directory exists.
           if (!DirectoryExists(destinationDirectory))

           int ImageCounter = 0;
           while (ImageCounter < sourceFiles.Length)
               FileInfo SourceFile = new System.IO.FileInfo(sourceFiles[ImageCounter]);
               string imagepath = destinationDirectory + "/" + SourceFile.Name;

               //Check for valid extention.
               bool isValidExtnsion = false;
               Array itemValues = System.Enum.GetValues(typeof(ValidImageExtensions));
               int i = 0;
               while (i < itemValues.Length)
                   if (SourceFile.Extension.ToLower() == "." + itemValues.GetValue(i))
                       isValidExtnsion = true;


               //Copy file with valid extensions.
               if (isValidExtnsion)
                   //if (!FileExists(imagepath))
                       SourceFile.CopyTo(imagepath, true);

           return CopiedFiles;
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