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I would like to detect, in my program, when screen blank is turned off.

What I have tried:

I'm using C++, and my target platform is Windows 7.
I have a fair amount of experience in WinAPI programming.

I would like to detect, in my program, when screen blank is turned off.
This is *not* the screen saver, but the actual screen blanking operation itself.
(i.e., on my current machine, I have screensaver set to None, and "Turn off the display" set to 15 minutes. It is the "Turn on the display" that I wish to detect.).

Can anyone give me advice on what message or event to look for, to handle this task?
Updated 21-Mar-17 18:10pm
Derell Licht 21-Mar-17 22:17pm    
Sadly, the Power-management functions don't appear to work for Windows 7,
only Win8 and later. It compiled and ran fine, but doesn't actually work.

1 solution

Okay, I found a solution that works with Windows 7 64bit.
I act on WM_SYSCOLORCHANGE ... This possibly is slightly over-kill, but since I'm trying to update the desktop icon colors whenever they get reset, this appears to work quite nicely...

I have a freeware (32-bit) application which utilizes this technique to restore desktop icon color whenever it is changed (I hope).

Application is available here:

source code is here:
GitHub - DerellLicht/ClearIcon: program which sits in Notification Tray, tries to keep desktop icon colors set[^]
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