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I have a Thread Function that reads data continuously from the Serial Port like this:
SerialPort _serialPort;
_serialPort = new SerialPort();
Thread ReceiveDataFromSerial = new Thread(ReadData)
byte[] buffer = new byte[20];
public void ReadData()


I need to read data from Six Serial ports using the same Thread Function.
How can I make Thread function that accept SerialPort as parameter and use that parameter to read from that particular Serial Port.


What I have tried:

Passing SerialPort Class member as parameter to a thread function
Updated 21-Mar-17 21:53pm

1 solution

I know that's been covered by Jon Skeet in here Multi-threading in .NET: Introduction and suggestions[^]

The general gist, I would have thought was something like this,

SerialPort _serialPort = ...
Thread thread = new Thread(() => ReadData(_serialPort, buffer));
public void ReadData(SerialPort _serialPort, byte[] buffer)
    _serialPort.Read(buffer, 0, 20);

although I think the passing/handling of the buffer may require more thought/attention than I've paid to it

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