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Friends please as soon as possible please tell me now how to create temporary file in VC++ at run time.

I have written the code but sorry I can't mention the code here I am getting the error
'FileSecureHotfolder::IAddClass::GetHotFolderID' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'const char [47]' to 'BSTR'

c:\sathish\irm doc protector\sampledocprotector\sampleprotector.cpp 1151 SampleDocProtector

I have got some answer also but I don't want in that format I want that if user click on the button one temporary file should be created please help :(( :(( :((
and get stored in the file which I have given the path.

Please help me with the code to create temp file please its really very urgent

Thanks in Advance :rose::rose:
Updated 14-Oct-10 4:32am

The error means that the types are simply incompatible. This article might be interesting to you and can help you out:

Guide to BSTR and C String Conversions[^]

Good luck!
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You may use the CRT function _mktemp, see the sample in the _mktemp function help page[^].
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aayu 13-Oct-10 6:24am    
CPallini 13-Oct-10 6:25am    
aayu 13-Oct-10 7:16am    
i am just debugging the code it is giving me template as error which i have solve but i don't want in this format it is creating the file at a same time where in i need on the click of the user one temp file should be created.
There are windows api functions could help you:
GetTempPath and GetTempFileName

See this:
Creating and Using a Temporary File
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