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I have a weird white space under my image that I can't seem to get rid off.. I've tried everything and it's driving me crazy!! Here's the link [^]

Im using wordpress. Hoping someone can help me figure out how to get rid of the weird white footer/space thing going on.

Any help is highly appreciated.


What I have tried:

checked widgets for the footers, tried some css codes to decrease bottom margins
  <legend class="frm_hidden">Subscribe</legend>

  <input type="hidden" name="frm_action" value="create">
  <input type="hidden" name="form_id" value="2">
  <input type="hidden" name="frm_hide_fields_2" id="frm_hide_fields_2" value="">
  <input type="hidden" name="form_key" value="3r1u3">
  <input type="hidden" name="item_meta[0]" value="">
  <input type="hidden" id="frm_submit_entry_2" name="frm_submit_entry_2" value="5d809dc4c3"><input type="hidden" name="_wp_http_referer" value="/">
  <div id="frm_field_8_container" class="frm_form_field form-field  frm_top_container">
    <label for="field_b29uh" class="frm_primary_label">Email Address<span class="frm_required"></span>
    <input type="email" id="field_b29uh" name="item_meta[8]" value="Enter Email" data-frmval="Enter Email">
  <input type="hidden" name="item_key" value="">
  <div class="frm_submit">
    <button class="frm_button_submit" type="submit">Get Notified!</button>
Updated 23-Mar-17 21:47pm

1 solution

I've added the problematic HTML to your question.

Look at the above HTML extract and how the page visual appears in the browser. In the browser, you want the button to appear inside the box but the code looks very different to the visual. This will cause you a lot of pain to address in CSS unless you correct this first.

You have some strange CSS formatting your HTML - absolute and relative formatting. You need to do some exploratory debugging: open up the page in Chrome, hit the F12 key, and use the "Select Element tool (SHIFT + CTRL + C) to inspect the problem before you can address it.

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