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var myArray = [];
myArray = ["Tayfur Gazioglu", "tayfurgazioglu"];

function cutName(name)

   var cut = name[0].split(" ");
  return cut;

var myInfo = {
fullName : cutName[myArray],
skype : myArray[1],
github : 'tayfurgazioglu'


What I have tried:

There is something wrong with the function cutName! I tried the samething without the function, it works. But when i try like this the value of document.write(myInfo.fullName); is undefined.
Updated 30-Mar-17 9:08am

fullName : cutName[myArray]

you are calling this function in wrong way. lets stick to the basics and call it something like this
fullName : cutName(myArray[0])
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function cutName(name) {

           var cut = name[0].split(" ")[0];
           return cut;

fullName: cutName(myArray),
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Other CP members already pointed it out the correct way to call the function is
fullName : cutName(myArray)

Another tip I wanted to throw in is the full name formatting, this way the function will return "Firsname, Lastname" VS "Firstname,Lastname"

return cut[0] + ', ' + cut[1]; 
//cut[1] + ', ' + cut[0];
//cut[0] + ' ' + cut[1]

OR, this method, you don't have the control to arrange the name.
return cut.join(", ");
//cut.join(" "); 


cutname - JSFiddle[^]
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