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Hi Everyone:

I have been searching online for a little bit over a week, but couldn't find anything similar to what I need to do.

Using C# or, I would like to browse through all PDF documents from one folder with clicking left and right arrow. With the option to scroll down if the PDF is more than one page.

It is very similar to an image slide show, which I already has working code for but with PDF.

Also, browsing flyers online would be similar to what I am look for.

Thanks in advance for all the help.

What I have tried:

itextsharp, Pdfrenderer, flipbook
Updated 13-Apr-17 5:04am
Richard Deeming 31-Mar-17 14:44pm    
Start with PDF.js[^].

Hi acinomy1,

I have came across a project on github that does what you need.

The project uses jquery and html to implement that. If you download the project and go to the example folder you will find and example pdf.html

inside that file
<div id="carousel">
        <object data="pdf/original.pdf" type="application/pdf" data-caption="original"></object>
        <object data="pdf/samuel.pdf" type="application/pdf" data-caption="samuel"></object>
        <object data="pdf/bacon.pdf" type="application/pdf" data-caption="bacon"></object>
        <object data="pdf/beer.pdf" type="application/pdf" data-caption="beer"></object>
        <object data="pdf/http___www_cipsum_com_.pdf" type="application/pdf" data-caption="corporate"></object>

Remove the object tags inside the carousel div, and fill this with objects using C#. It should be straight forward, if you face any issues and want assistance feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,
Ibrahim Karakira
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This is pretty much what I need. Thanks a lot for your reply.

what I need to do now is to find all the pdf in the folder and have them display in the carousel.
The number of pdf in the folder will change from the time to time, I tried using variable in the object data, doesn't seem to be working.

Can you or anyone help me with simple code example?

I am a database administrator asking to do a web developer task.

Thanks a million.
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