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I made c# window form application. My approach is to get videos from FTP server and pass its URL to window media player. I am working with two FTP servers.

Venus window server In this server I upload the.mp4 file via Filezilla and play it on window media player using the URL : and it works. In this server, i did exactly same as above but window media player is not playing the file from this server, rather I get Security Alert dialog box. Its URL is: Can anybody guide me where I am doing wrong.

What I have tried:

So far I added window media player in designer and set its Url equals to and it works.
and it plays the video which is played when you paste this link on your browser. But when I tried the other link [^], it did not work with window media player, however it works on browser.
Updated 3-Apr-17 5:46am
Wessel Beulink 3-Apr-17 10:51am
Hij werkt bij mij ook in windows media player. Je mist gewoon de mp4 decoder pack. Deinstall/Reinstall je windows media player even snel via programma's onderdelen > windows onderdelen. Ook je ssl is ook lek: de http:// versie werkt gewoon de Https:// is niet ondertekend. p.s. ik gebruik wel windows 10 media player voorgaande versies ondersteunen dit niet.
Member 13043998 4-Apr-17 3:56am
yes it worked. I just changed https into http and it worked. And I am using window 8, I wonder if it works on other versions as well.
Thanks for your response
Member 13043998 4-Apr-17 5:07am
But when I run my application on another computer, it did not work there. I am quite confused while it works on my own computer. Do have any idea. I also downloaded in both computers and the link even does not work with media player codec on the other pc, however, it works fine with media player codec on my PC.

It's not the player or your code but what the server is sending back or what you're using as a URL. The only people who are going to be able to help you with this is the hosting company you're using.
Windows Media Player does not support the playback of the .mp4 file format. You can play back .mp4 media files in Windows Media Player when you install DirectShow-compatible MPEG-4 decoder packs.
from File Types supported by Windows Media Player[^]
I can only conclude that "Venus window server" has had the decoder pack installed whereas "" has not
Member 13043998 4-Apr-17 6:20am
Actually, the problem is that now I can play both links in my application, i just changed https to http which worked for me. But when I run the same application on my friend's laptop, it did not work there. Do you know the reason? Or you know the standard solution to play the playback videos in winform, then please share it with me. I have already spent several days in searching for the solution but I think, still, i am not on the right path.
CHill60 4-Apr-17 6:32am
There has be something not installed on your friend's laptop - the decoder pack perhaps?
If you know it works in the browser why not use a browser control in your application? Windows Media player is allegedly going to be removed with Win10 anyway. Or use an alternative player - see Alternatives to WMC[^]
Member 13043998 4-Apr-17 10:36am
yes you are right but i just read that people can now add wmp in windows 10 as well.
The problem is that, now it starts working on my friend's pc as well. I don't know how. Neither I did anything. I don't understand this mystery.

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