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I have a xml with large data.I know almost 90% of my xml content but remaining 10 % I need to serialize and deserialize dynamically.I know the Type of that part.
Sample xml
<Vehicle version="2.0">
<Engine Name="Turbo"/>
<Engine Name="Kappa"/>

<Car Name="XX" Engine ="Turbo" Type="Premium">

<Car Name="YY" Engine ="Kappa">


Here the values inside the tag <value> will be be dynamic and I don't the content initially ,but I know the Type of that object.
Please anyone help to solve this issue.

What I have tried:

I have the data classes for that 90% of that xml.
Updated 11-Apr-17 20:02pm

1 solution

Have you considered using a Dictionary for storing these values? Here is how you can build it from XML.

This code will take all the values tags and store all its descendants as a dictionary.

string xml = @"<start>

XDocument xDocument = XDocument.Parse(xml);
Dictionary<string,string> dynamicThings = xDocument.Root.Elements()
                                           .Where(x=> x.Name == "values")
                                           .Select(x => new { Key = x.Name, Value = x.Value })
                                           .ToDictionary(x => x.Key.ToString(), x => x.Value);
sathish kumbanad 12-Apr-17 2:11am
Thanks lw@zi for your quick reply.I will try it and let you know whether it is solve my issue or not.

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