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Hi all, i am hoping someone can help me out here. First of all, i am not a coder at all and can just about read HTML & XML files.

I would like to make mines and my teams life easier at work by being able to create an XML file from the click of a button in Excel.

The XML code would need to look like below with two headers and one footer. The sticking point for me is that there can be many TaskCode and the associated tags below it within the DivisionTasks tag.

I've had a try at creating a schema but Excel doesnt like it and will not let me save it.

<tsk:DivisionTasks code="AA123A01">
    <tsk:Task TaskCode="CUSTOMER SERVICE">
      <tsk:TaskName>CUSTOMER SERVICE</tsk:TaskName>
      <tsk:TaskType>CUSTOMER SERVICE</tsk:TaskType>

Can anyone assist?

What I have tried:

Creating a schema but Excel will not save it
Updated 14-Apr-17 12:58pm

1 solution

i am hoping someone can help me out here.

Nobody can help you with this question, because it is impossible to answer the question and to make code from the statement.
Reason : You forgot to tell how is the data in the excel worksheet.

It will be difficult to find a helper for your question.
Reason 1 : This forum is to help programmer when they are stuck on a problem. Your question is off topic.
Reason 2 : What you want is exactly the kind of problem I solve as my job, this is how I make money. You will understand that I don't want to do it for free, even id it was possible.

My advice: Hire a programmer, the task as described is about a couple of hours, half a day would be maximum. Prefer local programmer.
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RedDk 14-Apr-17 19:47pm
Not an answer
Patrice T 14-Apr-17 21:50pm
Because it is impossible to answer this question without knowledge of the WorkSheet.
[no name] 15-Apr-17 13:13pm
Balanced so far I can.
Patrice T 15-Apr-17 13:44pm
Thank you

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