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select distinct val from dbo.Split('[Country],[Created By],[Date of Birth],[High School],[If Other, What Country?],[If Other- What Country?],[Middle Name],[Preferred First Name],[Sex]',',')

This is my function that splits by comma.
CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[Split]    
  @delimited nvarchar(max),        
  @delimiter nvarchar(100)        
) RETURNS @t TABLE        
  val nvarchar(max)        
  declare @xml xml        
  set @xml = N'<root><r><![CDATA[' + replace(@delimited,@delimiter,']]></r><r><![CDATA[') + ']]></r></root>'        
  insert into @t(val)        
    r.value('.','varchar(max)') as item        
  from @xml.nodes('//root/r') as records(r)        

I want to split the string outside the [abc],[cde,cdf]
into abc and cde,cdf but its splitting into

cde and cdf

What I have tried:

Please help.
Split a comma sperated string in Sql server with []
Updated 25-Apr-17 23:11pm

1 solution

Split on ] instead of comma, replace the [ and handle the comma at the start of an item if it exists...
DECLARE @x nvarchar(max) = '[abc],[cde,cdf]'
;with q as
	select REPLACE(val, '[','') as val2
	from dbo.Split(@x, ']')
	where isnull(val,'') <> ''
select case when SUBSTRING(val2,1,1)=',' THEN SUBSTRING(val2, 2, LEN(val2))
		else val2 END
from q
I only used a CTE (or a sub-query would do it) to avoid multiple calls to the split function.
Maciej Los 26-Apr-17 16:38pm

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