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I work in visual studio 2015 c# and i need to call stored procedure from sql 2012
and make function by c# to call stored procedure and retrieve one value string
in case name = @name

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[ATC_Code_ByGeneric_H]  
    @Lvl_Name nvarchar(500)  
    SELECT     Tbl_Lvl1.Code + Tbl_Lvl2.Code + Tbl_Lvl3.Code + Tbl_Lvl4.Code + Tbl_Lvl5.Code AS ATC_Code  
    FROM         Tbl_Lvl1  
                 INNER JOIN  
                 ON Tbl_Lvl1.S_ID = Tbl_Lvl2.UpLvl_ID  
                 INNER JOIN  
                 ON Tbl_Lvl2.S_ID = Tbl_Lvl3.UpLvl_ID  
                 INNER JOIN  
                 ON Tbl_Lvl3.S_ID = Tbl_Lvl4.UpLvl_ID  
                 INNER JOIN  
                 ON Tbl_Lvl4.S_ID = Tbl_Lvl5.UpLvl_ID  
    WHERE     (Tbl_Lvl5.Lvl_Name = @Lvl_Name) and Tbl_Lvl5.human=1  

Actually i need to retrieve ATC_Code in case of Lv1_Name = @Lv1_Name
How to create function return string by c# to call stored procedure ?

What I have tried:

How to make function by c# to call stored proc from sql and return string
Updated 27-Apr-17 1:51am

The "What I have tried:" section is where you should have put the C# code that you had tried.

Here is some research material from Google[^]

Do come back if you get stuck, with a specific question. Remember to include the code that you are stuck with.

Unfortunately we provide neither a code writing nor a research service in this forum.
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string s;
using (SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(strConnect))
    using (SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("ATC_Code_ByGeneric_H", con))
        cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
        cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Lvl_Name", levelName);
        s = (string) com.ExecuteScalar();
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