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Dear All,

We are automating MsOffice in our winForm application(C#). Where I have create one method to "Evaluate the paragraph line spacing".

In the word document, there will be paragraphs and this method will find the line spacing from the specific paragraph.

I have set the paragraph line spacing to 1.5 from the word(Manually). But, When I debug the code, i was getting the value of linespacing from that Paragraph was "13.5", instead of 1.5, which was unexpected.

What I have tried:

<pre> public static bool FindLineSpacingInParagraph(IQuestion question, string filename, int paragraph, float lineSpacing)
            WordInterop.Application wordApplication = GetOrCreateWordApplication(question.ObjectStore);

                //Avoid screen flickering or unwanted alerts while initializing
                wordApplication.ScreenUpdating = false;
                WordInterop.WdAlertLevel displayAlertLevel = wordApplication.DisplayAlerts;
                wordApplication.DisplayAlerts = WordInterop.WdAlertLevel.wdAlertsNone;

                WordInterop.Document wordDocument = wordApplication.Documents.Open(filename);

                if (paragraph >= wordDocument.Paragraphs.Count)
                    return false;

                WordInterop.Paragraph paragraphObject = wordDocument.Paragraphs[paragraph];
                if (paragraphObject == null)
                    return false;

                bool result = paragraphObject.LineSpacing == lineSpacing;//LineSpacing=13.5
                object save_changes = false;
                object missing = Type.Missing;
                wordDocument.Close(ref save_changes, ref missing, ref missing);
                return result;
            catch (Exception)
                Cleanup(question.ObjectStore, true);
            return false;

Can anyone please help me.

Updated 2-May-17 4:18am

1 solution

As far as I know you need to set the Paragraph linespacing before getting the result or change it.

Selection.ParagraphFormat.LineSpacingRule = WdLineSpacing.wdLineSpaceSingle;
abdul subhan mohammed 2-May-17 10:24am
No, i'm not setting up the value, but, i'm comparing the value with the given value.
Wessel Beulink 2-May-17 10:43am
How do you know than that the given amount is in points? The documentation didn't describe the LineSpacing is in points only when rule is Single Or Multiple.

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