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I have data is already in text file, I want a way to show the scattered points in c++ output screen. If I download the Gnuplot does it work with c++ or just another App to plot points like Plotly. I found that matplotlib-cpp, C++ plotting library but do I need to download python?

What I have tried:

Gnuplot didnt download correctly
Updated 14-May-17 9:58am
Richard MacCutchan 14-May-17 13:10pm
I think you need to check the documentation. And why do you need python in order to run a C++ program?

Drawing means to output some pixel colors with coordinates on the monitor. One way is to draw yourself or use some library or classes.

The basics are explained in the article GDI Drawing and Printing and some advanced class High-speed Charting Control.

You can also draw with python, but I only know the turtle library. But I think it is much slower than C++.
I don't want to draw. I have points I want see how these point scatter in the x-y plane.
It the points won't have a specific shape.Points may represent line or cluster.
[no name] 14-May-17 15:03pm
If you do not draw the points, how do you expect to see them on the screen?

This is not a solution.

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