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what is the use of "CommandType.Text?"

Is it necessary to use the cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text;

What I have tried:

cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
Updated 24-May-17 1:21am
ZurdoDev 24-May-17 7:22am
And along with Solution 1, this is something that is very easily found by searching google. You'll learn much more if you take just a minute to learn things on your own rather than asking simple questions.
Member 13188865 24-May-17 7:38am
dear ryan, for a science student H2O is water and can be understood easily. But for beginners it gets difficulty in understanding.
Anyway, i have searched for answers for 3 hrs. Althogh got some clarifications, but didn't satisfied me clearly. 'cos i wanted to learn why it is necessary to add it. As my code is running well without using it.

The Text commandtype is used when the command is raw SQL, like "select field from table where id=1". This is the default value of CommandType so if your command is indeed sql then you don't need to set CommandType to text, but it's probably better that you do for clarity (and in case they change the default). If you wwant to set the command to the name of a Stored Procedure or table then you have to specify the correct CommandType.
Member 13188865 24-May-17 7:45am
thx for clarifying, actually i was wondering whether it is necesssary to use it, as my code was running perfectly without using it.
Maciej Los 24-May-17 8:06am
Please, read my anser. As i mentioned there CommandType default value is Text ;)
Maciej Los 24-May-17 8:07am
Nice, 5!
Simple. CommandType[^] indicates or specifies how the CommandText property is interpreted.
There are 4 members of CommandType Enumeration[^]
StoredProcedure - The name of a stored procedure.
TableDirect - The name of a table.
Text - An SQL text command. (Default.)

Cocnlusion: you should use CommandType.Text when you want to execute one of CRUD[^] operation.

That's all!
Member 13188865 24-May-17 7:46am
thx for the answer.
Maciej Los 24-May-17 8:05am
You're very welcome. If it was helpful, you can accept it (green button).

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