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I am creating an app which has main app and client app. In my app I want to add Contact numbers. When I click on a contact second windows appears where I can input some details.
After that when I click send button the records should send to that phone number of client app.

I have attached the image of both screen.
please find the link below.!AkcLq6QOs-aEhWGL4PRQRvfn_f3p

Any one please help me what is the tech. used to achieve,
ie. how to add contacts on both sides, send records to client number etc. I am using SQL as my database on both sides.


What I have tried:

As I am new I want basic idea and detail.
Updated 5-Oct-17 3:12am
[no name] 29-May-17 14:52pm

Hmm.... been doing mobile development for 3 years and you are still "new"? "Teach me programming" isn't a question or a problem. Someone that has been here for 5 years would know that.
David Crow 5-Jun-17 13:16pm    
What difference does it make how long he's been doing mobile development or how long he's been at CP? If he has a question, he has a question. Answer it if you can; move on if you can't.

What exactly are you having trouble with: adding contact numbers, clicking on an item (button), populating a database, communicating with another device?

Without more information, I'd say you are wanting to send a vCard from one device to another. Is that even close?
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Baburc 5-Jun-17 23:43pm    
I want to know how to send data using mobile number like whatsapp
In main app orders are created and I want to send it to client app using their contact numbers in the list.
have you seen my image
Step1: Setup Web Server where you store your Data using webservices.
Step2: You gave registration option to every client by ther mobile number (that is your unique ID) and store data on web server database in tblRegistration.
Step3: When any client send msg save data on server with detail (SenderNumber,ReceverNumber,MSG).
Step4: In client app hit server web service for any new MSG by field ReceverNumber
in tblMSG, if found then show notification.

Note: you can't communicate aap to aap, you need web server where you save and retrive data through WEB Services.
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