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I have a vb code, how can i convert this into a C code. Is there any way to achieve the output. If it is not possible to convert the code, is there any other way i can convert it to get the desired output. Ed. like vb to C#, and from C# to C.

What I have tried:

I am new to this, this is the first time i am trying to implement such functionalities.
Updated 30-May-17 8:58am
F-ES Sitecore 30-May-17 6:27am
vb? c? c#? These are all completely different languages and you can't expect any accurate answer if you don't appreciate that.

Of course it is possible. However it couldn't be an automatic process and, depending on the application complexity (you said nothing about) it could be time consuming.
venkat28vk 30-May-17 6:42am
@ cpallini. Can you kindly share me the link for converting from VB to C. I can also resolve the bugs after conversion.
CPallini 30-May-17 7:26am
There is no link to share. Converting VB to C is feasible, however you must know both the languages.
Maciej Los 30-May-17 13:52pm
CPallini 30-May-17 15:57pm
Thank you, Maciej!
There are online converters available which could help you achieve this. But those might not be 100% accurate. You can then solve those minor inaccurate codes with your knowledge after conversion.

Here is a quick tool I found by searching. You can find many and try them.

Code Converter[^]
venkat28vk 30-May-17 6:40am
@ Tadit Dash. Thanks for the quick response. I tried the link you have sent, but it shows only for vb to c# and vice versa. Not for VB to C.

I would like to have some tools for converting VB to C.
Did you search in Google?
venkat28vk 30-May-17 7:38am
Yes i tried i have not found any link for converting from VB to C
Then you have to learn C.
Here is a set of converters: .NET Code Conversion - Convert Your Code[^], but you have to read notes in that article.
As CPallini[^] wrote, there's no online/free converter. That's why you have to write your own code from scratch!

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