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Good evening, my dear, dear friends. Tonight, I do battle with TableLayoutPanel!

Not a particularly fearsome foe, you might say to yourself. Hardly worth picking up a keyboard for... Ah, but behind its innocent face we find the devious heart and razor claws of a killer. One might engage this beast unprepared, seeking to tame it, domesticate it, put a yoke around its neck and have it do one's bidding... Only to find yourself trapped, the monster revealed and no escape possible.

This, my comrades, is where I now find myself. I had sought a simple task for my new pet, a series of controls added at run-time with a new row created for each... Ah, such naivete! Controls were added to be sure, but no new rows were created - my form layout has been destroyed, my carefully-planned additions tossed like rag-dolls by this devil.

Please, good sir, I beg for your assistance in this darkest hour!
Updated 18-Oct-10 11:27am
Sandeep Mewara 18-Oct-10 4:29am    
No effort
LittleYellowBird 19-Oct-10 4:01am    
Hi, your colourful description of your problem is very entertaining but most people here have very little time to read your question and you will probably get more answers if you get strainght to the point. Just a suggestion :)
OriginalGriff 19-Oct-10 5:24am    
"Dear, dear friends" may be pushing it a bit, give that you only joined yesterday, and this is your first post...
The description, (while entertaining) is not exactly any help in solving your problem.
Why not help to defeat your most-devious enemy by editing your question and posting the relevant upstanding and loyal code fragment you are using as a weapon to defeat the demon? That way, we may be able to assist an Adventurer!

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