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<pre lang="java"><pre lang="java">
I know that we cannot create an object of an interface .
Annotation e = new Annotation () ; // compile time error .

But I am confused about what happens in the following code .

Class c = ob.getClass() ; // ob is an object of a class created by us .

Annotation a[] = c.getAnnotations[] ;

// this returns an array of Annotation type but this is not an object of Annotation .

System.out.println ( a[0].hashCode() ) ; // or toString() method .

Which hashCode() method will run here ? I think it is not of class Object and can't be of the Annotation interface since Annotation's methods are abstract .
Is this method of a class which implements Annotation interface . But we haven't specified that class and there are many classes which implement Annotation interface .

Please someone explain this . I would be able to understand this if you provide in-depth explanation .Thanks .

What I have tried:

I tried to understand this through the documentation but got confused .

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