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I have a one dynamic object i want to change into user defined object how i can Serialize
this is controller code how i can change
dynamic me = fb.Get("me?fields=first_name,middle_name,last_name,id,email");
         string email =;
         string firstname = me.first_name;
         string middlename = me.middle_name;
         string lastname = me.last_name;

and i want to dynamic object into user defined how i convert i am trying like that

What I have tried:

var jsonData = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(me);
                        var dc = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<User>(jsonData);
                        Session["User"] = dc;

and i am getting Error like this
Message = "Could not convert string to integer: 1404663032928561. Path 'id', line 1, position 66."
Updated 7-Jun-17 7:36am
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 7-Jun-17 14:00pm
You can try using long type for this. :-) That would work, also if this is the client type then you can change the API consumption as needed. On the server-side it would be tough to rethink all of the possible ways to solve.

Or, are the server admin/developer as well?

1 solution

You've obviously declared your id property on your User class as an int, but the values returned from the API are too large to fit.

(A signed 32-bit integer can only store values up to 2147483647, which is significantly smaller than 1404663032928561.)

Change the property to be a string instead.
Aitzaz Ahsan 8-Jun-17 1:28am
Thank you @Richard i am crazy i did not think about that. thanks a lot

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