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I am executing my c language program in IDE TurboC3.
Non working code is as follows

void main()
    int i, j, t;
    char opt;
    printf("Enter two values" );
    scanf("%d", &i);
    scanf("%d", &j);
    printf("\n\n press + for sum\n");
    printf("press * for mult\n");
    printf("print - for subtract\n\n");
    scanf("%c", &opt); // code that is creating problem //
        case '+':
            printf("\nsum =%d", t);
        case '*':
            printf("\nproduct =%d", t);
        case '-':
            printf("\ndifference =%d", t);
            printf("\ninvalid choice");

[edit]Code block corrected, indentation added - OriginalGriff[/edit]

What I have tried:

The correction that helped me execute the code is as follows

scanf(" %c", &opt); // code without problem //

i.e. i have inserted a space between " and %c and the code worked.

Please help me understand the difference.
Updated 8-Jun-17 21:05pm

1 solution

The difference is that scanf uses the format string literally: the need for a space implies that your input is not '+' but has whitespace before it. "%c" is a scanf "special" code: it does not skip whitespace characters at all (unlike "%d" which does). So when your user entered the two values, the terminator was probably "left in the buffer" and returned as the first character instead of the '*' or '+' that the user typed.

To be honest, you'd probably be better off using getch and a loop, with a specific "exit" character instead of reading one char and stopping.
Personally? I'd prompt for each number on a separate line, read it as a char array, and scan that into a number - that way I could cope with user input errors instead of crashing as your code will. Then I'd use getch for the operator.
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