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Hi all...
I'm new to programing and encryptation...
I need to encrypt the contend of a file, i had a look on the net and found 2 functions:
1° Uses RijndaelManaged, SHA512, with password, salt, hash
2° Uses RijndaelManaged, MD5CryptoServiceProvider with password

What I have tried:

Mi question is if i encrypt the contends of the file with the first one, then convert encrypted to Hexadecimal and encrypt again with the second one will it be easy to crack it?
I dont know if it makes sence or if i m saying it something realy stupid but...

Thanks in advance
Updated 9-Jun-17 12:48pm

1 solution

SHA512 and MD5 are not encryption algorithms, they are hash algorithms, it is not the same thing.
SHA-2 - Wikipedia[^]
MD5 - Wikipedia[^]

Encryption - Wikipedia[^]
Richard Deeming 12-Jun-17 16:22pm
Looks like your keyboard had a funny five minutes. I've corrected the two typos. :)
Patrice T 12-Jun-17 16:25pm
Indeed it happen from time ti time, Thank you.

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