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Hi, I am using Windows media player in my project, if I call media player from my main form its playing, I have written code that when I click Wmp it goes to main form but when I do this it is showing "Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is Corrupt". Can anyone provide solution for this, Thanks in advance .

Mainform code:

Frmads frm=new frmads(this);;

Ads Form code:

If(e.newstate = =2)

What I have tried:

Please give a solution of this issue soon. Thanks in advance
Updated 16-Jun-17 21:33pm

1 solution

Don't do it that way.
Instead, handle the Frmads.FormClosing event, and in the handler re-display your main form.

The "child" form should not even know that the "parent" even exists, much less that it is hidden and needs redisplaying.
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