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I want to connect mongodb with access using ODBC drivers CData in order to have some informations from some tables (it's like a little reorganisation)

Access have already found the tables, it means that i was able to communicate with mongodb database, and access have shown the liste of the tables.

The problem is, every time i want to import the tables or link on them, i keep getting this error message "microsoft access database engine could not find the object "dev.****" ......."

What seems to be the problem??
thanks in advance.
PS: i'm still a beginner in mongodb, so take it easy on me!!

What I have tried:

After hours searching on Google, I have tried to search about the administrator of the server, or to manipulate mongodb with commands, but nothing, i still can't get a thing
Updated 21-Jun-17 22:12pm
RickZeeland 21-Jun-17 13:06pm    
Hard to tell without seeing any code ...

Maybe you can export your Access db in CSV format, and then import that into MongoDb.
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thanks for your response.
Actually i need to do the inverse.
It means that, i need to import the mongoDb into the Access Db.
the access Db is empty, it will only contain some classes, or even the whole mongodb, doesn't matter.
I was able to extract the tables (i can see them in a list), but when i try to import what they contains, it shows me that error message.
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Richard Deeming 22-Jun-17 15:45pm    
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