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I have installed WhatsApp API from nuGet package manager and tried to implement code but could not register my mobile number through WART(WhatsApp Registration Tool).Its giving error LIKE {Status:"Failed",Reason:"Bad_Request"} all the time. I have searched a lot.But there is no any solution to this issue. There is only tool i.e. WART for registration.

Is there any new updates OR WART is still working?

What I have tried:

public JsonResult SendMessage(string sendTo,string message)
        var response = false;
        string from = "91XXXXXXXXXX"; //(Enter Your Mobile Number)
        String password;
        var res = WhatsAppApi.Register.WhatsRegisterV2.RequestCode(from, out password);
        WhatsApp wa = new WhatsApp(from, password, "", false, false);
        wa.OnConnectSuccess += () =>
            wa.OnLoginSuccess += (phonenumber, data) =>
                wa.SendMessage(sendTo, message);
                response = true;
            wa.OnLoginFailed += (data) =>
                response = false;

        wa.OnConnectFailed += (Exception) =>
            response = false;
        return Json(response);
Updated 11-Aug-22 19:16pm
Richard MacCutchan 8-Jul-17 8:38am    
You should be asking this question in the Whatsapp support forum.
mohammad sabzaligol 18-Dec-21 12:59pm    
hihow i give password when generate pasword whatsapp?
Member 15734840 12-Aug-22 3:07am    
please use GetToken instead of Request code,it will generate password ,which you are storing in var res than use this variable in the plase of password.Thanku

The video/site you are referring is very old. Around 2015 WhatsApp supports WART but now it is outdated. You can refer WhatsApp API or other libraries like Twilio or IMImobile etc.
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String password;
var res = WhatsAppApi.Register.WhatsRegisterV2.RequestCode(from, out password,string out error)
it may work in your case
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