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I'm now learning about entity framework. Most of my sql queries are raw sql queries. I was advised to use entity framework instead and I want to convert every raw sql query that i have into entity framework.

Now, i wanted to know how to insert,update and delete using entity framework in My question is, what is the equivalent entity framework query of the following raw sql queries that i have provided below? Also is there sql parameters in entity framework?

1.) "DELETE S FROM stringInstrumentItem S JOIN brand B ON S.brandId = B.brandId WHERE = @brand"

2.) "UPDATE [brand] SET type = @type, name = @name, image = @image WHERE brandId = @brandId"

3.) "UPDATE SII SET SII.brandId = b.brandId FROM stringInstrumentItem SII inner join brand b ON SII.brandId = b.brandId AND = @newName"

4.) "INSERT INTO brand VALUES (@brandId,@type,@name,@image)"

What I have tried:

As of now, i am able to convert the regular select statement that we use like this:

SELECT * from brand

into this:

list = (from g in obj.brands select g).ToList();
Updated 12-Jul-17 19:33pm
Maciej Los 13-Jul-17 4:19am    
Download LinqPad. There's functionality to convert SQL query(ies) into Linq(EF) queri(ies).

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Ideally you would like to use LINQ for queries, however, there are situations where you need to run raw SQL queries even that is possible with entity framework.

Take a look at [^]

For CRUD operations using entity framework, refer [^]
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