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public async void UserLogin(string username, string password)
           Cursor.Current = Cursors.WaitCursor;
           // show progress hud
           // New Thread : Call lines below

           string ENC = EN.encryptDecrypt(password);
           var query = ParseObject.GetQuery("Admins")
               .WhereEqualTo("userName", username)
               .WhereEqualTo("password", ENC);

          IEnumerable<ParseObject> results = await query.FindAsync();//Here is error

           if(results.Count() > 0)

               user = results; /// here is error msg

          return user;

What I have tried:

I have tired to trying a lot anyone here can help me about who using parse SDK with .net c#
Updated 13-Jul-17 1:09am
George Swan 12-Jul-17 15:57pm
Try this
user =(ParseObject) results; // here is error msg

You claim the error is in two places, which one is it? Also your UserLogin method is void so you can't return anything (you are trying "return user", you can only just "return"). Next I don't see how this line

IEnumerable<ParseObject> results = await query.FindAsync();

can give the error you have posted, unless it's the FindAsync causing the issue (ie something in your query).

Regardless you are getting this error because you have a variable of type ParseObject and you are assigning something pf type IEnumerable<ParseObject> to that variable.

ParseObject po;
IEnumerable<ParseObject> pos = new List<ParseObject>();

po = pos; // error

po is ParseObject and pos is a collection of multiple ParseObjects so you can't assign one to the other. The solution depends on your business needs which we don't know. It could be you are expecting there to only be one object in your collection so you need to do something like this

po = pos.FirstOrDefault();

It's hard to say from what has been posted.
Member 13011362 13-Jul-17 7:09am
Thanks I have solved this issue..
Thanks I have solved this issue..

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