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Create Table LocationInfo
Id identity(1,1) Primary key int,
Name Nvarchar(50) not null,
Location Nvarchar(50) not null,
Image Nvarchar(50) Not null,
IsValid Bit

What I have tried:

How to select count(id),one image,one name from Table Name where Is Valid=1 Group by location ?

I tried but i didnt get exact output what i think,so can u please tell me how to write query?
Updated 13-Jul-17 23:34pm

1 solution

What image do you want? GROUP BY is about aggregating information, not selecting a specific row. This may help to explain it: SQL GROUP By and the "Column 'name' is invalid in the select list because..." error[^]

You want a count of IDs, we get that - but to get that count, you can't get individual row information as well.
Probably, you are trying to do two tasks at the same time - and to do that, you would need to do two SELECT statements, each to collect one row, and combine them to produce the result you want - but we can't do that for you because we have no idea which image and which name you are looking for - and neither (I suspect) do you!
Member 13309684 14-Jul-17 5:34am
Image Means ImagePath,its also like a name

i want Name,Imagapath,Count(ID) from table Group By location

I tried:
Select Location,Counnt(ID),ImagePath,Name from TableName
Group By Location,Imagepath,Name

but i didnt get exact o/p what i expected?
OriginalGriff 14-Jul-17 6:12am
Read what I said ... then follow the link and read that as well ...

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