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Hello Sir,

I am making a registration page where i have follwoing columns.

Student Registration

Name :
Email :
Qualification :

I am binding qualification dropdodwnlist in a partial view.

But unable to call on StudentRegistration view.

I am using two model.
1. Student - Where all the regsitration will be stored.
2. Qualification - It is used to bind only qualification like MCA, MBA, CA etc

I am unable to call partial view with model

I am getting object refrence error in QualificationParitalView().

What I have tried:

Updated 18-Jul-17 20:55pm

1 solution

If you want to load it immedialty, then you use @Html.RenderPartial("_LoadView") or @Html.RenderAction("Load").

@Html.Partial("~/Views/Controller/View.cshtml", model)
Should do the trick.

If you want to pass through the (other) controller, you can use:

@Html.Action("action", "controller", parameters)
or any of the other overloads.
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aditya2314 19-Jul-17 2:58am    
@Html.Partial("~/Views/Shared/_QualificationPartialView.cshtml", model)

I am getting error that "model doesnot exist in current context".
aditya2314 19-Jul-17 3:01am    
I am not able to use two mdels at the top in a view

@model LearnMvcCrudApplication.Models.Student
@model LearnMvcCrudApplication.Models.Qualification

Getting error that "Only one 'model' statement is allowed in a file."
Satya Prakash Swain 19-Jul-17 3:50am    
Model Student need to contain model Qualification. Then pass the model @Html.Partial("~/Views/Shared/_QualificationPartialView.cshtml", model.Qualification)
aditya2314 19-Jul-17 3:58am    
Thank you sir.

@Html.Partial("~/Views/Shared/_QualificationPartialView.cshtml", model.Qualification)

I am not getting Qualification Model in above line.
How model Student will contain model Qualification?
aditya2314 19-Jul-17 4:16am    
do i need to create a ViewModel which will contain both model Student and Qualification model?

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