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Hi I write this code:

PerformanceCounter pc = new PerformanceCounter(".NET CLR Networking", "Bytes Received", "System" );


Why i get error:
System.InvalidOperationException: 'Counter is single instance, instance name 'System' is not valid for this counter category.'

What I have tried:

I try by this link: and i can't
c# - How to monitor the network bandwidth usage of a specific application? - Stack Overflow[^]
Updated 1-Aug-17 8:44am

1 solution

You probably need to use another category 'Network Interface', see the answer here:
networking - How to display bytes received per second in C# - Stack Overflow[^]
But this is not process specific sadly ...

An alternative might be using the TCPView utility and using the output of that, see: TCPView for Windows - Windows Sysinternals | Microsoft Docs[^]
Thomas Daniels 1-Aug-17 14:54pm
5. I have to add that the answer takes the first element of GetInstanceNames(), but when I tried it, I had to take the second element, or it wouldn't work.
RickZeeland 1-Aug-17 14:58pm
Yes, it depends on the hardware (network cards, Wifi etc) that you have ...
Armin.Engineer 1-Aug-17 15:37pm
Thanks , but i want get usage of application , in fact specific application .
RickZeeland 1-Aug-17 15:40pm
Use the command line version of TCPView, Tcpvcon and process the .CSV output of that in your program, good luck !
Armin.Engineer 3-Aug-17 12:11pm
How can i use? I think for network interface stack overflow link which You introduced in this topic , I want specific application like a messenger , I need know which what can i use category name and instance name , thanks
RickZeeland 3-Aug-17 12:34pm
No, the stackoverflow solution is not suitable for a specific application.
Use the command line version of TCPView: Tcpvcon and process the .CSV output of that in your program. You can use Process.Start() to call Tcpvcon from C#.
Armin.Engineer 3-Aug-17 17:21pm
Thanks , But i dont understand your solutaion , how can i get .CSV ? Can you simple explain ?
Armin.Engineer 6-Aug-17 11:22am
How can i solve this problem?

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