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I am looking for the project in VB.NET with the following options.Let's say we have picture box and picture in it. When i clicked on the picture to zoom it the program calculate pixels of the zoom part. Or the other option is when I have video. Can someone show me this kind of project?

What I have tried:

Dim fs As FileStream

OpenFileDialog1.Filter = "JPG files (*.jpg)|*.jpg|" & "BMP Files (*.bmp)|*.bmp|" _
    & "TIF Files (*.tif)|*.tif|" & "PNG Files (*.png)|*.png|" & "ALL Files (*.*)|*.*"
OpenFileDialog1.Title = "Select an Image File"
If OpenFileDialog1.ShowDialog() = Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK Then
    currentfilename = OpenFileDialog1.FileName
    If currentfilename.ToUpper.EndsWith(".JPG") Or _
    currentfilename.ToUpper.EndsWith(".BMP") Or _
    currentfilename.ToUpper.EndsWith(".TIF") Or _
    currentfilename.ToUpper.EndsWith(".PNG") Then
       If Not (Pic.Image Is Nothing) Then
             Pic.Image = Nothing
       End If
       fs = New FileStream(currentfilename, IO.FileMode.Open, IO.FileAccess.Read)
       Pic.Image = Image.FromStream(fs)
       original = Pic.Image
    End If
End If
Updated 7-Aug-17 21:44pm

1 solution

Here is a project using the ffmpeg library: FFMPEG Video Converter with Progressbar VB.NET[^]
Here you can find how to use the ffmpeg zoom commands: Zoom video using ffmpeg commands - Super User[^]

If you want a WPF solution, you can try WPF-MediaKit: GitHub - Sascha-L/WPF-MediaKit[^]
But I could not find much documentation about it, except this: Home · Sascha-L/WPF-MediaKit Wiki · GitHub[^]

Here is a C# project: EVR Presenter in pure C# with Direct3D Video Rendering[^]
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