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I'm working on a program that send a created text file to an ftp server.
I programmatically wrote the text file and sent the into a checklist on another form.
I added a button on that checklist to send the checked text files to the ftp server.

Feel free to ask about any part of the code so I can give you what you need.

What I have tried:

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

            using (WebClient client = new WebClient())
                client.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(ftpUsername, ftpPassword);
                client.UploadFile("", "STOR", localFilePath);

            MessageBox.Show("sent textfile");

FtpClient client = new FtpClient("server");

            client.Credentials = new NetworkCredential("id", "password");


If there's a better way to send the files to the ftp server I'm ok with it. I'm using FluentFTP.
Updated 11-Aug-17 4:04am

1 solution

GitHub - FluentFTP[^] is an excellent choice. Well maintained, lots of clear examples of how to use with the link[^]. The code that you need is in the first example he gives...
Member 13356973 11-Aug-17 10:27am
On that site you gave me it says this about the upload:
client.UploadFile(@"C:\MyVideo.mp4", "/htdocs/big.txt");

What is the
Graeme_Grant 11-Aug-17 10:33am
I don't see:

on that page. client.UploadFile, according to the documentation, requires a local file and a remote destination path/file. Hence:
client.UploadFile(@"C:\MyVideo.mp4", "/htdocs/big.txt");
example or
// upload a file and retry 3 times before giving up
client.RetryAttempts = 3;
client.UploadFile(@"C:\MyVideo.mp4", "/htdocs/big.txt", FtpExists.Overwrite, false, FtpVerify.Retry);

What exactly are you asking?
Member 13356973 11-Aug-17 10:40am
I mean what mean that part after the coma
client.UploadFile(@"C:\MyVideo.mp4", "/htdocs/big.txt");

the "/htdocs/big.txt"
Graeme_Grant 11-Aug-17 10:48am
Quote: "according to the documentation, requires a local file and a remote destination path/file." ... pretty straight forward...
Member 13356973 11-Aug-17 10:53am
its just the path right?

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