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using sql SERVER 2014
I have table address contains addID PK identity(1,1), city varchar()
table client contains CLNAME varchar(), clID PK, addID foreign key from previous table.
i have a form that allows me to add new address with a new client
the address is added correctly and giving it a new addID automatically (IDENTITY (1,1)) but an error occurs since the addID in client is not inserted automatically
i need to get the max value of addID from table address and add it to my data-row in a data set containing table "client" in order to update the data base

What I have tried:

sqlconn = conxn()
        Dim dset As New DataSet("client")
        Dim dadpt As New SqlDataAdapter("select * From client", sqlconn)
        dadpt.Fill(dset, "client")
        Dim dsADRS As New DataSet("adrs")
        Dim daADRS As New SqlDataAdapter("SELECT MAX(addID) FROM addres ", sqlconn)
        daADRS.Fill(dsADRS, "adrs")
        sen  = 

        Dim cmdBuilder As SqlCommandBuilder = New SqlCommandBuilder(dadpt)
        Dim dr As DataRow
        dr = dset.Tables("client").NewRow()
        dr("name") = name
        dr("fname") = fname
        dr("addID") = Convert.ToDecimal(sqls)
        dadpt.Update(dset, "lawyer")
Updated 21-Aug-17 10:46am
PIEBALDconsult 20-Aug-17 22:41pm    
I recommend against using IDENTITY, particularly in cases such as this.
One option is to use a SEQUENCE instead.
Either way, you need to INSERT the parent row prior to the child row.

And generally, please learn better database techniques.

1 solution

You do not want to SELECT MAX. Instead, right after doing the insert into the address table do
SELECT @newAddID = SCOPE_IDENTITY()  -- this gets the most recently inserted Identity number


INSERT INTO client (field1, ship_to_add_id, ...)
VALUES (@field1, @newAddID...)
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