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Hi guys,

I have a question on merging data
1.How to use the colspan to merge the button in column based on the dynamic data?
Here are the image of my data in a table

using colspan

and here the coding for it in javascript:

var DrillStructure = {
  "Cutting" : {
    "dDom" : "<th>No</th><th>Part Name</th><th>Raw Material</th><th>Order Qty</th><th>Qty</th><th>Marker 's Size</th><th>Req Hrs</th><th>Cutting Start</th><th>Cutting End</th><th>Status</th></tr></thead>",
    "link" : "msp/loopForCutting"
  "Printing" : {
    "dDom" : "<th>No</th><th>Part Name</th><th>Order Qty</th><th>Qty</th><th>Colour Print</th><th>Type</th><th>No of Up</th><th>Req Hrs</th><th>Printing Start</th><th>Printing End</th><th>Status</th><th >Action</th></tr></thead>",
    "link" : "msp/loopForCutting"

and this is the php code:

// Display the data in the form i wanted
		$iloop = 1;
		foreach ($rResult->result_array() as $aRow) { 
       if($department == 'Printing') {
        $material = $aRow['material_part'];
        $qty      = $aRow['qty'];
        $demand   = $aRow['UPH'];
        $colprint = $aRow['colprint'];
        $noup     = $aRow['noup'];
        $reqhrs   = ((($colprint * $qty) / $demand) / $noup);
        $btn      = "<a class='btn'  data-mat = \"{$material}\" onclick=\"openPrintingLog(this, 'prnlog','{$iloop}', '{$idschedule}')\"></a>";
        $row[0]   = $btn;
        $row[1]   = $material;
        $row[2]   = $aRow['qty'];
        $row[3]   = $aRow['prnqty'];
        $row[4]   = $aRow['colprint'];
        $row[5]   = $aRow['coltype'];
        $row[6]   = $aRow['noup'];
        $row[7]   = number_format($reqhrs,2,'.','');
        $row[8]   = "<span class='editable' data-from='part' data-field='printingstart' data-id='{$aRow['idschedulepart']}'>{$aRow['printingstart']}</span>";
        $row[9]   = "<span class='editable' data-from='part' data-field='printingend'   data-id='{$aRow['idschedulepart']}'>{$aRow['printingend']}</span>";
        $row[10]  = $aRow['status'];
	   $row[11] = "<a class='btn btn-small' onclick='open_wrappers();'>Complete</a>"; //added by hyj
			$iloop = $iloop + 1;
			$output['aaData'][] = $row;

Thank in advance.

What I have tried:

I have searching for how to using colspan and rowspan,and found this page but don't know how it works.

Updated 21-Aug-17 3:47am

1 solution

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Solution 1

colspan and rowspan DO NOT merge data.
They merge column and rows in HTML tables

That means they get rid of the boundary wall for the number of rows and/or columns specified.

If you wish to merge the data, you must create the data in the merged form.

For example, if text and a button were in separate columns next to one another, colspan='2' would expand the text to two columns and put the button in the NEXT column over. If you create the text and button, they must be in the same <td> (or <th>) to begin with, and if you need space, then you colspan that.

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