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arr1 = wavFiles.ToArray();
arr2 = BaseDocs.ToArray();
arr3 = TemplateDocs.ToArray();
arr4 = DraftDocs.ToArray();

I have four arrays i need to take the elements in the first array and check whether it is in second,third and fourth array elements if they exists i need to store in string variables how can i do this

What I have tried:

I could not get how to do this
Updated 22-Aug-17 0:17am

1 solution

You can use the LINQ method Intersect[^] to easily find elements in both arrays:
var inBothArr1AndArr2 = arr1.Intersect(arr2);
var inBothArr1AndArr3 = arr1.Intersect(arr3);
var inBothArr1AndArr4 = arr1.Intersect(arr4);
Now you have three IEnumerable<T>s. Do with their contents what you need to do.


From your comment, it appears you want to do this one-by-one. That's possible too:
for (int i = 0; i < arr1.Length; i++)
    if (arr2.Contains(arr1[i]))
        // Array 2 contains this element. Index: i. Value: arr1[i]
    // do the same for arr3 and arr4
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Thomas Daniels 22-Aug-17 5:24am    
See my edit.
kav@94 22-Aug-17 5:26am    
for (int i = 0; i < wavarr.Length; i++)
if (basearr.Contains(wavarr[i]))
// Array 2 contains this element. Index: i. Value: arr1[i]
// do the same for arr3 and arr4

i had did this but it is giving below error

'System.Array' does not contain a definition for 'Contains' and no extension method 'Contains' accepting a first argument of type 'System.Array' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) C:\Users\yaminik\Desktop\MT original from network with 208 db\mttraining\SubjectItems.aspx.cs 153 28 C:\...\mttraining\
Thomas Daniels 22-Aug-17 5:27am    
Add using System.Linq; at the top of your file.
Thomas Daniels 22-Aug-17 5:40am    
If you want to store multiple of these variables, you can create a List<string> and store them there.
Thomas Daniels 22-Aug-17 5:47am    
On top of your file: using System.Collections.Generic;

Before your for loop: List<string> list = new List<string>();

Inside the 'if' statement of the loop: list.Add(arr1[i]);

After the for loop, you can access the list like an array.

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